Project Management | Level 4


The primary purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with:

• A foundation of basic project management knowledge and skills which can be used to build further project management related competencies.
• Competence to be an effective project team member.
• Competence to provide administrative support to a project manager and team members.
• Competence to provide assistance to a project manager of medium to large projects.

As electives specialisation in:
• Competence to plan, execute and control small, simple projects.
• Competence in specialised technical areas to support project management processes.

This qualification is directed at learners working:

• As contributing team members on a moderately complex to complex project when not a leader or;
• As a leader in the context of a simple project/sub-project.

A simple project/sub-project is seen to be one that involves few resources and has a limited impact on stakeholders and the environment.

This qualification is intended for those with prior work experience or an NQF Level 3 qualification in project management or business administration or equivalent. The learners accessing this qualification will be working in or with project management teams or using a project approach to their business. These projects may be technical projects, business projects, government projects or community development projects and will cut across a range of economic sectors. This qualification is also of value to learners running their own business, as project management is an integral component of any business system.

Qualifying learners working on a project will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to function more effectively and in a professional manner, add value to their job performance and enhance their ability to follow and implement policies and procedures.

On achieving the applied competencies of the Qualification, learners may advance their career opportunities further into project administration, support services or management within an organisation, in all sectors.

Horizontal articulation is possible with:
National Certificate: Management – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 23656.
National Certificate: Business Administration Services – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 35928.
National Certificate: New Venture Creation – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 23953.
Further Education and Training Certificate: Small Business Advising (Information Support) – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 48883.
National Certificate: IT Systems Development – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 24294.
National Certificate: IT Technical Support – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 24293.
National Certificate: Public Administration – NQF Level 4.
National Certificate: Risk Management – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 24396.
Further Education and Training Certificate: Arts and Culture Administration – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 48818.
Further Education and Training Certificate: Management and Administration – NQF Level 4 – NLRD 49129.

Vertical articulation is possible with:
National Certificate: Management – NQF Level 5 – NLRD 24493.
National Certificate: Management and Administration- NQF Level 5 – NLRD 49126.
National Certificate: Business Advising – NQF Level 5 – NLRD 48886.
National Certificate: Business Consulting Practice – NQF Level 5.
National Certificate: Public Finance Management and Administration – NQF Level 5.
National Certificate: Project Management – NQF Level 5.

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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 4



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E-learning E-learning

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9-12 months



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