Public Sector Evaluation | Level 6

This Unit Standard is intended for learners who do not necessarily have formal training in monitoring and evaluation and who need to be able to apply knowledge of monitoring and evaluation in an authentic situation. It will be useful for learners in the Public Sector including, but not limited to; Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists, Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioners, Unit Heads and External Evaluators, as well as to other learners who are engaged in monitoring and evaluation activities in Non-Governmental Organisations and the Private Sector.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Contextualizing different approaches to and theories of monitoring and evaluation in a particular organization.
  • Demonstrating understanding of appropriate research design and methodology for monitoring and evaluating an organization or
  • program in a specific context.
  • Designing a monitoring and evaluation plan for a specific context.
  • Collecting appropriate data aligned to specific indicators in a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • Analyzing and interpreting collated data.
  • Presenting the findings and recommendations of a monitoring and evaluation project or plan.
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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 6



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7 days



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