Telecommunications for Customer Premises Equipment Level 4


Learners assessed competent against this qualification will be able to Install, Maintain and Upgrade PC based Customer Premises Equipment within the Telecommunications Industry. Depending on the selection of the electives, they will be able to provide support and train customers, organise resources, schedule activities, conduct periodic quality testing, recover customer equipment, Install complex PC based equipment and PC based programmes, provide lighting and power protection for structures and equipment, programme PC based equipment, install antenna and feeders, locate and rectify mobile communication installation faults, perform an acceptance test on new equipment and sign off and cutover equipment & recover equipment. The learners will be able to perform work in the fixed-line and wireless telecommunications environment.

Rationale for the qualification

This qualification reflects the workplace-based needs of the Telecommunications Industry as expressed by stakeholders. This qualification provides the learner with accessibility to be employed within the Telecommunications Industry. The qualification also provides the learner with flexibility to articulate in the Telecommunications environment with a wide variety of specialisation options and articulation within the Telecommunications Industry, Information Technology and Electronic Industry.

The level of flexibility within the range of electives will allow the individual to pursue a career as a specialist as an installer and maintainer of PC based CPE. The competencies achieved from the electives will serve as foundational knowledge and skills relevant to other disciplines.

The most important need for this qualification is to provide recognition for prior learning. There are no registered CPE qualifications for the industry on NQF level 4. CPE equipment is installed, maintained, upgraded and programmed on a daily basis. Training is currently not provided against nationally recognised qualifications.

The following embedded knowledge is applicable to this qualification:


·  Apply oral and written communication when liaising with the industry.

·  Complete documentation when preparing and conducting work within the industry.

·  Apply decision-making and problem solving skills before and during work performed within the industry.

·  Demonstrate understanding of product facilities and operations within the industry.

·  Follow the industry`s employer`s policies and procedures.

·  Reach agreement with the industry through negotiation.

·  Facilitate co-operation between industry role-players.

·  Apply light current electrical principles when work is performed within the industry.

·  Apply faultfinding procedures when work is performed within the industry.

·  Utilise test equipment when work is performed within the industry.

·  Demonstrate understanding of the correct use of tools when work is performed within the industry.

·  Demonstrate computer literacy when work is performed within the industry.

In the core component of the qualification a learner must achieve or demonstrate his/her competence in the 113 credits within the core group of unit standards.

The elective component of the qualification enables the person to pursue a learning path with interests of his/her own that can contribute to other learning pathways, such as the Diploma in Customer Premises Equipment.

A minimum of 20 credits must be chosen from the electives in order to achieve the minimum 140 credits of the qualification.

An average learner is currently taking 1330 notional hours in order to achieve the learning outcomes as described within the core and elective group of the unit standards.




1. Install and maintain PC based Customer Premises Equipment.


2. Provide customer training and support on PC based Customer Premises Equipment.

3. Organise resources in terms of installation and maintenance of PC based Customer Premises Equipment.

4. Conduct quality testing and inspection on installations and maintenance of PC based Customer Premises Equipment.

5. Cut over, commission and recover PC based Customer Premises Equipment.

6. Install PC based equipment programmes and programme PC based equipment.

7. Operate very complex test equipment and perform a functional equipment test.

8. Verify new software / hardware releases and perform software / hardware upgrade

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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 4



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E-learning E-learning

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10 months



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