Wholesale And Retail: Buying Planning Level 5


The National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail: Buying Planning, NQF Level 5 addresses the skills and competencies required to effectively follow a career and make use of opportunities in the buying and procurement function.

In addition to basic buying and purchasing skills, the qualification also enables the integration of associated skills within this area of operation, such as the research of local and international trends, importing, supply chain management, project management and negotiation skills.

After the successful completion of this qualification learners will be able to:

  • Understand the nature and importance of the buying and planning function in the Wholesale and Retail environment.
  • Plan product procurement within the context of competitor strategies, merchandising per performance, pricing, organizational target markets and product range identification.
  • Calculate costing and pricing.
  • Apply decision-making and negotiating skills.
  • Perform buying and associated administrative activities in the area of specialization.

The Wholesale and Retail environment revolves around the function of the procurement of goods for purposes of resale to end-users/consumers. Regardless of the type, volume, size or quantity of goods forming the focus of the specific Wholesale or Retail organization, the effective planning and execution of the procurement function plays an integral part in the successful operation of a diverse range of businesses in the Wholesale and Retail sector, which include:

  • Spaza/house shops.
  • Independent stores.
  • Chain stores.
  • Small and Large wholesalers.
  • Franchisers.
  • Distribution Centres.
  • Tele-marketing organizations.
  • External contractors.
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Yogini Sarugaser
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Level 5



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E-learning E-learning

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9-12 months



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