Applied Systems Thinking Skills

A practical and thoughtprovoking
workshop which
reveals an essential thinking
paradigm for the Knowledge Age

Course Overview

Systems thinking is great fun. In this highly practical and
hands-on workshop, delegates will develop a deeper
understanding of systems thinking, and through games,
role-plays, practical exercises, and drills, begin to learn
the tools, techniques and habits of professional systems
thinkers. Understand what a system is, learn how to make
systems visible, how to work with systems, how to
converse in systems language and how to apply systems

Learn to:

-see the world through a 'systems' lens

-think with your whole brain: combining creative,
analytical, critical and systems thinking processes in
your problem solving approach

-use systems thinking tools like causal loop diagrams
and behavior-over-time models

-understand the consequences of not using Systems
Thinking, such as real-world examples of the Law of
Unintended Consequences and the Tragedy of the
Commons, and find out how to avoid them

-explore system archetypes and other problem
solving patterns and learn how recognizing them
can avoid problems and speed up problem solving

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Course Duration: 

1 day