Business Process Innovation

A highly practical business oriented seminar that delivers the
foundational skills and techniques required to improve existing processes and identifies opportunities for process
change to enhance business performance

Course Overview

This working seminar delivers the foundational skills and
techniques required to analyse and improve existing processes.
It focuses on identifying opportunities for process change and
presents the analysis, modelling and design techniques and
tools required to improve business performance. Participants
will learn to scope specific processes using graphical models to
document results and they will learn how to define
measurement techniques for evaluating outcomes. They will
also learn how to model As-Is and To-Be process workflows using
industry standard notations and some new templates. The class
is organised around a case study that will be developed by
attendees working in teams along with the instructor. The
approach is practical and business oriented and attendees will
be able to immediately apply what they learn within their own

Learn to:

-discover how to appropriately analyse and scope a business
process problem
-create Scoping Charts and core-BPMN process flow
-be able to select and apply the proper tools and techniques
to model, analyse, manage, measure and improve
-apply innovative creative thinking approaches and design
techniques to process improvement
-develop critical measures for evaluating business process
-develop and apply testing, and validating methods to new
process designs

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Elector or Lauren
Course Details

Course Delivery Method: 

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Course Duration: 

2 full days