Soft Skills Bootcamp for Knowledge Professionals

Enhance your technical ability with vital soft skills to maximize your own and your team's potential

Course Overview

Like most professions, there is a tendency to focus on the hard skills around the role of the knowledge professional as opposed tosoft skills. Hard skills such as modelling,estimating and specification are relatively simple to acquirewhereas, soft skills such as communication, creative
thinking, facilitation and working in a team are more subjective and intuitive and therefore more difficult to master.

The successful knowledge professional recognises that their
role is as much about people as it is about problem solving.Strong communication, negotiation, facilitation, empathy and leadership skills are critical to the success of their interventions. For organisations to thrive in today's global, information-based economy, their knowledge professionals must master the skills needed to connect to and influence others.

Delegates will gain:

-an increased self-awareness and understanding of the behaviour of others

-insight into improving personal effectiveness

-better note-taking , meeting management and business writing skills

-an understanding of thinking styles and the value of embracing all three styles

-the ability to apply decomposition and mind mapping in information gathering interactions

-an understanding of different techniques that are effective in solving problems including root cause analysis

-facilitation and conflict resolution knowledge and skills

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Course Duration: 

5 Full Days