Comptia A+ Certificate

Full-time or Part Time | Course Type: Agent Programme

“Even in the developing parts of the world, kids take to computers like fish to water.” Nicholas Negroponte

Secure your future with a qualification in CompTIA A+

Would you describe yourself as a tech fundi? Do you have your sights set on long term progress in the field of Information Technology and are you looking to grow within and change the landscape of technology as we know it?

If you are looking to expand your future and get foundation knowledge in computers, then this is the field for you. This is a short course, designed to give you a concise and easy introduction into the world of PCS’s and set the basis for a solid career in the computer sector. For most people wanting to enter into the computer and IT field the CompTIA A+ will provide the ideal basis and foundation for this to take place. However this isn’t just for those who want to start out, this short course will boost the career of those who are already in the field and strengthen their existing knowledge. Learn more about hardware and software, mobile and cloud technology, troubleshooting, networking and different operating systems. Prepare to take the IT world by storm with a short course in CompTIA A+.

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