Diploma in Accounting (Dip: Acc)

Full-time and Part Time | Course Type: National Qualification

“Mathematics is the music of reason.” James Joseph Sylvester

Create a future you can count on with a Diploma in Accounting

Do you ever feel that when you walk in the room, everybody knows that the number-cruncher has arrived? Chances are that even when you’re eating out, everyone turns to you to do the math, split the bill, allocate the tips and count the change. If you are the kind of person who puts the world in order, through numbers, systems and calculations, then a Diploma in Accounting is exactly the field of study that you have been looking for.

Most of the corporate world relies on the analytical minds of accountants to provide structure to a company. If you are entering the world of accountancy, prepare to literally become the financial guru of any organisation. The field is varied, with many different levels and layers, you could find yourself functioning as a public accountant, a management accountant, a governmental accountant or even as an internal auditor among other titles.

A qualification in Accounting will equip you, with the ability to analyse budgets, prepare and examine financial records, improve business financial efficiency, forecast financially and understand the legal implications of the business.

Be the person that everybody can ‘count’ on. Begin with yourself, calculate your course to greatness with a Diploma in Accounting with ICESA.

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