This course is accredited by the Services Seta and covers unit standard 252031at NQF level 5 worth 4 credits.

2 Day course


o Deepening self awareness

o Developing a positive self image

o Johari’s window

o Defining assertiveness

o The consequences of submissive behavior

o Why be assertive?

o When to be assertive?

o Assertiveness questionnaire

o Emotional intelligence core competencies

o Understanding the four communication styles and behavior

o Submissive behavior

o Aggressive behavior

o Passive aggressive behavior

o Assertive behavior

o Being polite and tactful in assertive communication

o Learning to say no

o How to say no

o Assertiveness techniques

o Be prepared - practicing scenarios

o Practice new reactions to facing aggressiveness and bullies in the workplace

o Broken record, fogging, negative assertion, I feel statements

o Role plays

o Feel empathy for difficult and demanding people

o Dealing with conflict rather than avoiding conflict

o Transactional analysis: how to communicate effectively

o Building confidence and self esteem and self love

o Confidence building techniques

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Julius Matose
Course Details

Course Duration: 

2 day


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