Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and covers unit standards 114226 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits.

3 Day course

Course Content

MODULE 1: Conflict Management

 What is Conflict

 Key Questions to Assist Conflict Analysis

 The Main Sources of Conflict

 Different Types of Conflict

 Conflict Stages

 Sources of Conflict in Organisations

 Dealing with Conflict

 Attitudes towards Conflict Management

 Modes of Conflict Management

 Communication as a Contributor to Conflict

 Promote the Orderly Resolution of Conflict

 Power

 Conflict Management Techniques

 Tools of Conflict Analysis

 Inter-group Conflict

 Strategies for Resolving Conflict

 Mediation

 Conflict Resolution Continuum

 Pre-conditions for Effective Mediation

 Functions of the Mediator

 The Mediation Process

 The Role of Policies and Procedures in Preventing or Resolving Disputes

 The Role of the Labour Relations Act in Preventing or Resolving Disputes

MODULE 2: Prepare for Negotiations

 Preparing the Negotiations Process

 Types of Negotiation

 Administrative Arrangements

 The Purpose of Negotiation

 Negotiation Strategies and Processes

 Stages of Negotiation

 Negotiation Strategies

 Selecting a General Negotiation Approach

 Negotiating Styles: A Comparison

 Negotiation Ranges

 The Four Pillars of a Negotiation

 Identify and Inform Stakeholders

 Obtain Mandates

MODULE 3: Engage in Negotiations

 Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Steps

 Behavior and Conduct during Negotiations

 Communication Process

 Conduct Negotiations

 Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

 Use Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

 Guideline: Steps for Constructive Feedback

 Closing the negotiations

 The negotiated agreement

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Julius Matose
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Level 5



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3 days


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