Management & Leadership

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards
15224 at NQF Level 5 worth 4 credits and 120300 at NQF Level 5 worth 8 credits.


 What is Leadership?

 The roles and qualities of leadership

 Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

 The distinction between management and leadership

 Leaders and ongoing development

 Deepening self awareness

 Personality Test

 Courage and fear – key drivers of behaviour

 Creating a legacy

 Leadership Theories

 Trait Leadership theory

 Behavioural Leadership theory

 Task behaviour and people behaviour

 Situational Leadership theory

 Understanding your staff: competence and motivation

 Appropriate styles for different employees

 Servant Leadership theory

 Why leaders develop their employees

 Becoming a mentor and coach

 Communication

 Giving feedback

 Motivating your staff

 Delegation

 Degrees of delegation

 Leading teams

 Dimensions of team effectiveness

 Leading change

 The disciplinary meeting

 Managing conflict

 Decision making

 The (ORI) Problem solving method

 De Bono’s Creative Thinking

 Success principles of leadership

 Staying focused on your core genius

 Drawing up your personal goals and action plan

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Julius Matose
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3 days


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