Personal Mastery

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252031 at NQF level 5 worth 4 credits


Module 1:

Self awareness and Mindfulness

• Deepening my Self Awareness

• Johari’s Window

• The Myers Briggs Personality Test

• Understanding different personalities

• Locus of Control

Module 2:

Understanding & managing your emotions

• Recognising negative emotions

• Hardiness Research

• Resilience

Module 3:

Self Confidence, Self-esteem and Self belief

 Developing your inner self-confidence

• Reject Rejection

• Developing determination and perseverance

• Developing inner self-esteem

• Appreciating yourself

• Doing an Emotional Intelligence Test

Module 4:

Personal Mastery

• The law of attraction

• Identifying your mission and soul purpose

• Identifying your passions

• From dreams to goals and objectives

• Focusing on your core genius and talents

• Three obstacles to success:

• Considerations, fears & roadblocks

• Taking action

• Having an attitude of gratitude

• Living from a space of positive emotions

• Focusing on the good in your life

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Julius Matose
Contact: Imsimbi Training
Course Details

Course Duration: 

1 Day


R2,550 (Excl. VAT)