Presenting yourself in a Job Interview & creating your CV– 1 DAYS


Presenting yourself in a Job Interview & Creating your CV– 1 DAYS

Section 1:
The 5 Steps to Effective Preparation
Step 1: Preparing a good cv
Step 2: research the company
Step 3: develop answers to expected interview questions
Step 4: practice your answers
Step 5: prepare a list of questions to ask the interviewer

Section 2:
7 Steps to Success at the Interview
Step 1: make a good first impression
Step 2: bring relevant information
Step 3: be honest
Step 4: be personable and polite to everyone

Step 5: be aware of both your verbal and nonverbal communication
Step 6: listen attentively
Step 7: Effective and clear communication during the interview
Step 8: Articulating your words clearly and confidently
Step 9: Marketing your personal brand

Section 3:
How to Answer the 7 Most Common Questions Asked
1. Tell us a little about yourself
2. Why do you wish to work for this organisation?
3. What are your strengths
4. What are your weaknesses?
5. What do you expect from this organisation
6. How do you deal with conflict, communication, difficult customers?
7. Do you have any questions
• Have a copy of the advertisement and your CV available.
• Look professional – remember this is an important position for which you have applied. Your dress for the interview should reflect the importance of the position, while also reflecting who you are, your personality and individuality.

Section 4:
Understanding basically eight types of questions you may face during the course of an interview:
Credential verification questions
Experience verification questions
Opinion questions
Dumb questions
Math questions
Case questions
Behavioural questions
Competency questions

Section 5
Skill Application
A whole day will be spent on doing role plays of an actual interview. The course is filled with many activities where learners will role play how to conduct themselves in an interview, using the various skills learned. Developing an interview guide and role-playing the interview using all the skills they have learned.

Section 6
Preparing a modern professional cv
• Identifying the latest professional templates
• Laying out all the required information needed for your cv.
• Identifying good references

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