Professional Team Development and Effective Communication- Module 1:

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and the material covers unit standards 252037, 252043,252020, 12433 and 252027 at NQF Level 5 worth 32 credits



Learning Outcomes:

Module 1: Role of the Team leader

 Analysing the role of the team leader

 Leadership roles

 Being a leaders

 The leadership formula

 Techniques for managing team dynamics

Module 2: Liaising and Networking with Stakeholders

 Introduction

 Identify or create opportunities for networking

 Establish new contacts

 Implement avenues for communicating with stakeholders

Module 3: Establish Relationships

 Introduction

 Establishing a relationship

 Keep managers informed

 Consult with managers in a unit

Module 4: Lead Discussions and Chair Meetings

 Facilitating meetings

 The basics for effective meetings

 Types of meetings

 Preparing for meetings

Module 5: Evaluate Team Effectiveness

 Evaluating and improving the effectiveness of a team

 Develop an action plan to improve the effectiveness of a team

 Promoting productivity

 Keeping things on track by following up

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Julius Matose
Contact: Imsimbi Training
Course Details

Course Duration: 

5 Days