Time Management (based on Unit Standard 242811)

1 Day Workshop
Time Management (based on Unit Standard 242811)

Who should attend?
For far too many people a great deal of time is wasted due to disorganisation and disruption. This workshop will help participants discover ways to manage their time effectively both in the workplace and in their personal lives; special attention is given to supporting and guiding others in the team with the aim to increasing personal and team effectiveness.

This one-day workshop will also help you to learn effective ways to organise and prioritise to ensure better workplace efficiency. The workshop is full of ideas for organising your work area and your paperwork and for ensuring that you are working on the “right” things.

How will you benefit?
 Understand how to create an effective task list
 Learn how to prioritise personal and team tasks
 Use and maintain a diary
 Implement and maintain personal and team task lists

What will you cover?
 Creation, definition, and purpose of a task list
 Team workload management
 Purpose of deadlines and the consequences of missing deadlines
 Criteria for prioritising tasks according to personal and organisation goals and values
 Personal values and time management
 Identification and prioritising resources required by the team
 Purpose of keeping a diary
 Concept of self-management
 Diary entries used to create and adapt action plans

What is included?
All courses are given by expert facilitators in small interactive classes. The manual and course materials are specific to the course and you will receive a personalised certificate on completion.

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Belinda Peddie
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In Class In Class

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Course Duration: 

1 Day