Learning Programme Design and Development Distance Learning Programme

Our Learning Programme Design and Development Distance Learning Programme is aimed at Programme Designers and Developers, Facilitators, Educators, Trainers, Lecturers, Teachers, ETD-Practitioners and others involved in learning programme design and development-related activities.

Learners will learn more about the following:

  • What is learning programme design and development?
  • Learning programme design and development-related concepts.
  • The NQF Act.
  • Steps in the learning programme design and development process.
  • Identifying the unit standard(s), exit level outcome (ELO) or outcome statement that the learning programme will be based upon.
  • Identifying the target population and profile of potential learners.
  • Identifying the entry requirements for the learning programme.
  • Developing learning outcomes.
  • Identifying the learning programme modules and the sequence of modules.
  • Identifying the learning programme sections (per module) and the sequence of sections.
  • Identifying the relation between the unit standard(s), learning outcomes and learning programme modules.
  • Identifying the learning programme methodology.
  • Selecting the facilitation methods and learning activities.
  • Identifying the learning programme structure.
  • Evaluating the learning programme design.
  • Preparing a Learning programme design brief.
  • Managing learning programme design-related information.
  • Developing an Action plan to develop the learning programme.
  • Developing a Learner Manual.
  • Developing a Facilitator Manual.
  • Piloting and evaluating the learning programme.
  • Managing learning programme development-related information.
Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Annelieke Visser
Contact: ICO
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

Design outcomes-based learning programmes (Unit Standard 123401, NQF 6, 15 credits). Develop outcomes-based learning programmes (Unit Standard (123394, NQF 5, 10 credits). Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments (123397,

Course Delivery Method: 

Distance Distance

Course Duration: 

The duration of the learning programme is about two months