ETD Coordination & Administration

The role of ETD Coordination & Administration

Anyone assuming the role of a training coordinator and learner administrator needs to be able to perform a number of tasks.

• They should be competent to identify the needs and suitability of applicants to learning programmes and processes.

• They should be able to coordinate learning interventions and carry out related learner administration.

• They should be able to measure and report on learner satisfaction, assessments, transfer of learning and productivity.

The content of the ETD Coordination & Administration Module

The ETD Coordination and Administration Module equips existing or prospective ETD coordinators / administrators with the competences to do all the above.

It provides a theoretical and experiential understanding of coordinating learning, administering learner information, their learning and their results.

Participants in the programme review the quality assurance requirements of delivering education and training in their organisations, and bring this to the contact training.

Here candidates share their challenges with one another and work together identifying the systems and tools they require to meet these challenges.

SECTION 1: Learning programme overview

SECTION 2: Carry out pre-course arrangements and administration

SECTION 3: Managing and maintaining a record system

SECTION 4: Managing learner information

SECTION 5: Learner management systems (LMS)

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