Learn to develop Curricula, Qualifications & Unit standards to support your accredited learning provision

Award winning preferred accredited provider of Adult Learning Practitioner training over the past eight years, The Institute of People Development (IPD) has certificated more than 100 Qualification & Curriculum developers

Anyone specialising in the role of designing and developing qualifications, standards or curricula should be able to:

  • Analyse their sector, industry and organisation to determine learning and recognition needs.
  • Develop an outcomes and qualifications matrix for their sector, industry or organisation.
  • Draft outcomes-based standards for learning and assessment, whether curriculum standards, unit standards, whole qualifications or for alignment purposes.

This 3-day Qualifications, Standards & Curricula Development training equips existing or prospective qualification & curricula developers with the competences to do all the above.

Participants review existing qualifications, standards and curricula, as well as the requirements for these from the relevant Quality Council or their organisations.

They share opportunities and challenges with one another and work together in designing curricula, qualifications and unit standards they will require to implement their outcomes-based learning programmes.

These outputs cumulatively lead to the development of qualifications, unit standards and curricula contextual to their organisations.

Don't miss this opportunity to get properly qualified as a Qualification & Curriculum Developer. Get adequately equipped through South Africa's leading organisation in adult learning practitioner training since 2002.

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