Learning & RPL Advisor

This program is aimed at participants who do not yet have proven competence in ETD practice.

The program enables general group and individual advisory and support skills and abilities to support learners and understand assessment practices.

This program may also be taken as part of a full generalist qualification at Level 4.

The role of the Learning & RPL Advisor

Anyone playing the role of a learning & RPL Advisor needs to be able to do a number of things:

• They should be competent to prepare for and support individual and group outcomes-based learning sessions

• They should be able to provide learners with guidance and support around their learning and to develop
evidence for assessment.

• They should be able to continuously improve their practice through reviewing support systems and practices in their organisation

The content of the Learning & RPL Advising Module

The Learning & RPL Advising program equips existing or prospective facilitators and coaches with the competences to do all the above.

Participants in the program review current learner support practices in their organizations, as well as the requirements of these and how to improve them.

During the training they share their challenges with one another, develop practical skills and a theoretical understanding underpinning supporting learners in their learning and toward competence assessment.

SECTION 1: Learning programme overview

SECTION 2: Provide learner support

SECTION 3: Guide learners about RPL assessment

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Contact Person: 

Learning Advisor
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 4



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Blended Blended

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Course Duration: 

3 days


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