Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development

This programme is aimed at participants who already have a baseline competence in ETD practice.

Minimum of two years work experience as an educator or trainer is therefore required.

The programme enables specialisation in the Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development role, is well suited to those tasked to design and develop NQF qualifications and may also be taken as part of the Diploma in OD¬ETD Practices at NQF Level S.

The role of Qualifications, Standards & Curricula Development
Anyone specialising in the ro e of Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development needs to be able to do several things:

Analyse their sector, industry and organisation to determine learning and recognition needs;

• Develop an outcomes and qualifications matrix for their sector, industry or organisation;

• Draft outcomes-based standards for earning and assessment, whether curriculum standards, unit standards or qualifications

The content of the Qualifications, Standards & Curricula Development Module

The Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development Module equips existing or prospective qualifications,
unit standards and/or curricula developers with the competences to do all the above.

Participants in the programme review existing qualifications, standards and curricula,
as we as the requirements of the relevant Quality Council and their organizations, and bring the results of this along to the contact training.

Here participants share opportunities and challenges with one another and work together in designing curricula, qualifications and unit standards they will require to implement outcomes-based earning programmes.

"Learning sets" - study and work groups - can be set up during the four day session.

These require participants to work together when back in their organisations.

Each week of se f-study and work experience participants work together in their sets to achieve particular outputs.

These outputs cumulatively lead to the development of qualifications, unit standards and curricula contextual to their organisations.

SECTION 1: Learning programme overview

SECTION 1: Competence, outcomes and the national Qualifications framework

SECTION 3: Elements of standards development

SECTION 4: Establishing NQF levels and credit values

SECTION 5: Evaluating standards

SECTION 6: Case study

SECTION 7: Developing curricula

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Learning Advisor
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

over 4 months, 3 contact days