Skills Development Facilitator

Organisational Needs Analysis and Succession Planning headaches?

The Institute of People Development (IPD) is an award-winning accredited provider of Skills Development Facilitator training.

We have certificated more than 4000 SDF's over the last 10 years.

SDF's should be able to plan and complete a WSP with confidence by:

  • Establishing training committees and other workplace structures required to undertake skills planning
  • Facilitating strategic planning processes including scenario planning to identify the skills needs of the organisation
  • Conducting or supervising skills audits to identify actual training requirements of the organisation
  • Developing workplace skills plans which reflect these requirements, as well as report on these as per their SETA requirements
  • Managing the achievement of the workplace skills plans through outsourcing training effectively as well as assisting in the establishment of quality in-house training as required

This 3-day accredited SDF Training equips existing or prospective Skills Development Facilitators with the competences to do all the above.

Participants review existing competencies, skills planning processes and requirements in their organisations as well as broader organisational strategic objectives.

They bring the results of this along to the contact training.

Here they share their challenges with one another and work together in developing the systems and tools they will require to facilitate the organisations' training needs and the development of workplace skills plans and annual training reports.

Don't miss this opportunity to get properly prepared for 2012.

Get adequately equipped and formally associated with South Africa's leading organisation in training Skills Development Facilitators.

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3 Days


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