Managing Digital Document and Archives for Effective Record Keeping

The evolving nature of society brought a growing demand for e-resources in the workplace and practitioners in the library and information management industry. Organisations and Government departments are supposed to meeting this demand by providing effective access to pertinent information resources and services. Many organisations and government departments are using digital document archiving to store securely and easily retrieve documents. With effective document archiving, organisations and government departments can scan and upload both typed and hand-written documents onto a computer system.Companies face a range of issues regarding information production and retention due to the growing volume of electronic information, greater regulatory constraints and storage issues. Companies are confronted with technical, financial and educational challenges when trying to implement an electronic archiving solution.

This course will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of processes and methodologies involves in creation, evaluation, collection, organization, exploitation and dissemination of digital artifacts and records for instant access to information, faster response to queries, print or email copy documents on demand and audit trails for every document.

Course Outcomes:

  • Highlighting Issues and Challenges Facing Digital Libraries and Archives
  • Addressing Various Legislative Frameworks and ISO Standards Governing Information Management
  • Implementing a Safety and Security System for Electronic Records and Archives
  • Applying Key Archival Principals to a Digital Archive Program
  • Managing a Digitization Project
  • Understanding Appraisal, Retention and Disposal
  • Creating, Disposing, Handling And Labelling Of Classified Documentation
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Annemarie Stiglingh
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