Supervisory Skills Level 4 (Skills Programme - FOCUSED PACKAGE)


The purpose of this programme is to equip the learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to focus on specific areas in any supervisory role. This is across various sectors and industries. The programme introduces key terms, rules, concepts, principles and practices of management, that will enable learners to be informed supervisors in any field.


On completion of this programme learners will be able to:

  • Identify and develop objectives (Planning and Goal Setting)
  • Formulate a plan to meet the objective (Planning and Goal Setting)
  • Implement the plan (Planning and Goal Setting)
  • Monitor activities (Planning and Goal Setting)
  • Identify time management profiles (Time Management)
  • Understand the principles of time management (Time Management)
  • Draw up time efficient work plans to carry out department/division work functions (Time Management)
  • Implement time efficient work plans (Time Management)
  • Prepare and distribute records for a meeting (Meeting Skills)
  • Conduct a meeting (Meeting Skills)
  • Demonstrate techniques to deal with differing views during a meeting (Meeting Skills)
  • Understand the concept of budgeting (Budgeting)
  • Identify and understand budget elements (Budgeting)
  • Monitor and control expenses against the budget (Budgeting)
  • Define the problem (Problem Solving)
  • Investigate the problem (Problem Solving)
  • Generate problem solutions (Problem Solving)
  • Implement solution(s) (Problem Solving)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution (Problem Solving)

Additional Course Info: 

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Marlene Burden
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

242822, 242811, 242816, 242810 & 242817

NQF Level: 

Level 4



Course Delivery Method: 

E-learning E-learning

Blended Blended

Course Duration: 

5 Days


R7 000.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate