C5 Intermediate Auto Electrical (Light Duty)

Requirements: One should have done C2 or have basic auto-electrical experience

Day 1: Starter Motor in-depth (Gear Reduction and Magnetic Starter Motors) 12V

Day 2: Alternator in-depth (Stator Activated and Water-cooled Alternators) 12V

Day 3: Basic Conventional Ignition System (Practical) Electronic Ignition – Different types (Theory) Electronic Ignition (Theory)

Day 4: Electronic Ignition Diagnosis (Practical – Workshop)

Day 5: Assessment: Practical and theoretical examination on topics covered from day 1 to 4


Automotive Battery

Automotive Alternator (Stator-Activated Alternator)

Automotive Starter Motor (Gear Reduction/Magnetic Starter Motor)

Basic Conventional Ignition System

Electronic Ignition Systems

Vehicle not starting, diagnosis, repairing and maintenance

Vehicle not charging, diagnosis, repairing and maintenance

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5 Days


R6,899.00 Incl. Vat