Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing

What this course can do for you

 Understanding the Reason for Progressive discipline in the workplace

 Understand the purpose and implementation of a Disciplinary code

 Prepare, investigate and formulate the appropriate charges for a disciplinary hearing.

 Help identify and deal with disciplinary matters at the on set

 Identify the difference between Misconduct and Poor Performance

 Help collect and prepare evidence in a hearing

 Understand the responsibilities of an initiator before, during and after a hearing

 Help with preparing and questioning of witnesses


The workshop has open access to all individuals who need to prepare for and present evidence during a disciplinary hearing.

Tools and skills learnt will enable the individual to be more organised and prepared for the initiating of a hearing, and the questioning of witnesses during the hearing.


An Introduction to Disciplinary Principles

 What is expected of the employee?

 What is expected of the employer?

 Decisions based on company Growth and Stability

 Progressive Discipline vs. Punitive discipline

 The principle of “consistence”

 What makes an effective investigating officer?

The Wheels Start Coming off, What Now?

Identifying Disciplinary problems

Deciding on the route to follow, Discipline vs. Poor Work Performance

Knowing the difference between “can’t” and “won’t”

Pre Hearing Procedure

 Suspension of the Employee During the Investigation

 Formulating the Charges

 Issuing the charge sheet with notice to attend

 Preparing for the hearing

 The law of evidence

 Collecting Evidence

 Gathering information related to the employee

 Arranging The Chairperson

 The Issue of Representation

 Putting it all together

During the Hearing

 The chairperson’s checklist

 Key elements to remember

 The Onus of proof

 Opening Statements

 Presenting Evidence

 Questioning Witnesses

 Cross Questioning Witnesses

 Presenting Mitigating & Aggravating Statements

 Expecting the Ruling

 Appealing the Ruling

Post Hearing Procedure

 Keeping Employee records

 Keeping Employee Files

 Documenting Findings

 Preparing for the future


The workshop is activity based, and delegates “learn by doing” through, role-plays and discussion. Learners assess their current disciplinary skills in the context of their own designation and, by applying the skills learned, plan a course of action in order to be more effective in preparation of disciplinary hearings.

The Rate Includes:

 Training manuals

 Framed certificates for each delegate

 USB Memory stick with electronic resources

 Attendance register/evaluation forms

 Name cards and pens

 “Contact the Coach” – post course support

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Julie Schoobridge
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1 Day


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