Supervisory Skills

This 2-day workshop increases your awareness of your current supervisory style and abilities.

You will also appreciate the impact your style has on those who work with you.

The course then provides you with a tool-kit of ideas to increase your supervisory skills back in the workplace.

Training course objectives for Supervisory Skills

 To introduce delegates to the management process

 To enhance interpersonal skills within the context of a management framework

 To highlight tasks required of supervisors

 To assist supervisors and team leaders in ensuring that their teams meet the organisation’s standards

 To expose delegates to practical situations that occur in the workplace

 To grow confidence in presentation skills

 To ensure that business writing skills are up-to-date

 To guide the delegates to manage meetings efficiently and effectively

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Julie Schoobridge
Course Details

Course Delivery Method: 

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Course Duration: 

2 Days


R4 500