Business Etiquette - Accredited

Time: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Duration: 2 Days

If you want your customers and colleagues to respect you, you need to have a professional approach to your business where people will feel they can trust you and they will get good service from you.

From behaviour to body language – this course delves into the “do’s and don’ts” of business etiquette.

• All staff

• By demonstrating appropriate business etiquette, not only do you establish high decorum amongst associates – so does your organisation as a whole
• Learn how to analyse your own body language and the effect it has on those you meet
• Improve your interpersonal skills and how you communicate in a business environment


Module 1:
Know how to behave in a business environment
Interpret body language in a business context
• Describe the dress code of an organisation and give an indication of what is regarded as acceptable and unacceptable dress in a particular work environment
• Observe the behaviour of three peers in a business workplace and assess against the recognised parameters of appropriate behaviour in a specific professional environment
• Demonstrate positive listening skills and give an indication of the potential consequences of displaying negative listening skills
• Explain regulations regarding smoking in the workplace with reference to both legal requirements and established policy
• Understand and explain a Company Code of Good Conduct and give an indication of the consequences of non-compliance
• Explain the concept of a work ethic with reference to the responsibility and accountability of the individual

Module 2:
• Interpret non-verbal communication signals and give an indication of how body language can reinforce or contradict a verbal message
• Explain the role of posture and eye contact in communication with examples from a business context
• Demonstrate the use of a handshake as a greeting in a business setting and compare the meanings of different handshakes used in South Africa with examples of when it is appropriate to use each handshake
• Explain the concept of personal space and give an indication of the consequences if one ignores commonly accepted business behaviour
• Describe behaviour that could be considered as sexual harassment in the workplace and give an indication of how to deal with instances of sexual harassment

Module 3:
Interact with people in a business setting
Assess own professional behaviour in a business setting
• Explain the importance of first impressions in a business environment and give an indication of how first impressions can determine subsequent behaviour
• Greet visitors in keeping with established organisational culture
• Introduce people to each other in a business-like manner
• Demonstrate ways of closing an interaction with a visitor or customer for three different scenarios
• Explain the importance of delivering on promises or making alternative arrangements with reference to good customer service
• Demonstrate ways of behaving professionally when provoked or in difficult circumstances for three different scenarios
• Explain the importance of confidentiality in interpersonal relationships with reference to company policy

Module 4:
• Analyse personal behaviour in three different situations in a business environment
• Measure personal behaviour against own performance agreement or company standards
• Identify self-development needs and draw up a plan to address those needs

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Level 4



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2 Days


R2 800 excl VAT per delegate with a reduced rate for 3 or more from the same organisation

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Refreshments and a Light Lunch