Business Presentation Skills - Accredited

Unit Standard: 242840
NQF Level: NQF 4
Credits: 2
Course Category: Business Skills
Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
Communication is crucial to convey messages and instruction clearly and concisely, yet many people are fearful of having to address a crowd, or even a small group! Much of this fear stems from a lack of confidence and a shortage of skill. With some sound and fundamental preparation and delivery tactics, a speaker can be assured of communicating a convincing message to any audience. When we present, we are in fact marketing ourselves, so the “THIS IS ME MESSAGE” needs to be as positive as possible, from start to finish.

This course is intensely practical, with learners examining their own communication and presentation skills and ultimately harnessing their new learnings, by delivering a presentation to the group on day 2. It focuses on building confidence in Oral presentations skills, dealing with understanding your audience, structuring your presentation and how to use language and expression to convey your message and motivate others.
It is highly recommended that delegates also attend our PowerPoint training to further enhance their presentations.

• All persons required to make oral presentations
• People who are, or are intending to be making oral presentations on a regular basis often to large or small groups of people
• People needing to understand how to be more effective in influencing people when performing oral presentations

• Confidence will grow as learners lean on key understandings and skills developed through the course
• Delegates will develop an understanding of how to reach their audience appropriately
• This course will equip delegates to present confidently, effectively, audibly and professionally
• Delegates will be equipped with skills to persuade the audience by confidently presenting ideas, recommendations, opinions and proposals effectively

• Understanding presenting as communicating
• Understanding communications process and examining you own communication skills
• Creating and structuring presentations
• Understanding your audience and aligning your presentation for maximum effect
• Use of voice, vocal aids, space and body language to communicate effectively whilst presenting
• Building a rapport with your audience and applying techniques to influence and motivate people
• Using questions to encourage participation
• Reading your audience and taking action to keep them engaged
• Dealing with difficult audiences
• Making your presentation fun, memorable and unique
• Preparing and presenting to the group
Module 1: Communication and presentations
Understand presenting as communicating • Understand the various forms of communication • Understand the communication process • Understand the use of group dynamics in presentations • Understand the similarities and differences of written and oral presentations • Create presentations • Structure presentations • Use presentation feedback for personal future growth
Module 2: Use verbal communication skills to make an effective presentation
Use voice intonation effectively to create clarity and to reach audience • Speak words clearly with confidence and with conviction, and pronounce correctly to allow the audience to be focused on the message • Use vocal aids correctly to amplify voice to reach audience and be heard clearly by following relevant guidelines • Use an appropriate conversational style to put the audience at ease and help them to become receptive of the message • Use a natural delivery style and appropriate words and clearly express ideas • Build a rapport with the audience to establish trust during the presentation • Present a message and express it naturally focusing on ideas to be delivered • Deliver a message with an appropriate and natural modulation to make it appealing to the audience • Handle questions and overcome any objections effectively
Module 3: Use non-verbal communication effectively to reach audience
Use body language effectively to express ideas, opinions, and message to audience • Use personal space to meet individual or group preferences and/or cultural preferences • Use eye contact effectively to show interest in the audience • Position your head well to reinforce the spoken words and convey feelings • Control nervousness and other distracting habits effectively by being calm • Use and maintain good poise during a presentation
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Level 4



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2 Days


R5 000 excl VAT per delegate with a reduced rate for 3 or more from the same organisation

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Refreshments including a Light Lunch