Customer Service Excellence

Unit Standard: 114974
NQF Level: NQF 2
Credits: Aligned
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Sales & Marketing
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

In today’s world of steep competition and social media, businesses are finding it difficult to distinguish themselves. It has been stated that humans are more connected than ever before yet have never felt so disconnected. Customer Service is about connection, it’s about ensuring that each one of your employees recognises the fundamental difference between a customer interaction and a human interaction. Contrary to popular belief, it will not be your price that distinguishes you from your competitors, it will be the impression your employees give of a positive experience where customers feel valued.


All staff, from cleaners, to top managers. The biggest mistake companies make is thinking that Customer Service is a department when, in fact, it’s a company’s culture.


By understanding the value of a customer, you will recognise the importance of taking responsibility for your customer interactions, regardless of your position
Initiate a company culture that is orientated towards the customer
Learn how to distinguish different types of customers so as to provide an authentic experience
Gain self-confidence in dealing with difficult customers by developing essential interpersonal skills
Understand the importance of accountability for when something goes wrong with a customer, and how to minimise the impact on the customer relationship
Learn what customer needs are, how to anticipate them and how to exceed them


The importance of having customer service standards that match the customer experience
Identifying different types of customers and how to service them
The importance of correctly identifying a customer’s need, so as to assist the customer in an authentic and helpful way
How to present yourself and interact with a customer in a manner that upholds your company’s image
How to interact with a customer in a professional manner that supports the customer’s need to feel respected and valued
Dealing with conflict and aggressive customers
Developing effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) that create open dialogue and professional responses

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Aligned to Unit Standard: 114974

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Level 2


Non-credit bearing

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1 day


R2 200 excl VAT per delegate with a reduced rate for 3 or more from the same organisation

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Refreshments including a light lunch