Emotional Intelligence - Module 1

Course Category: Personal Development
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This course aims to introduce Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) as a core set of skills that will benefit and promote
all aspects of your day-to-day interactions, involvement and outlook. E.I. has a strong foundation in selfawareness allowing one to identify and develop internal traits and abilities to better one’s interactions with
others and build confidence and competence towards advancement of self both professionally and
personally. A developed E.I allows one to maximize one’s time and capacity in the work environment, identify
the power of emotions, their limitations and their benefits towards achieving a mindset that is aware and thus
focused, directed and thus solution orientated and positive and thus embracing of growth.

• Understanding what emotions are and how they can be adapted towards progressive thinking and
• Recognising which emotions are appropriate in the work environment and which emotions block
insight, understanding and forward development
• Learning how to respond to challenges as opposed to simply reacting
• Gaining an understanding of one’s own abilities and strengths so as to persist through shortcoming’s
in one’s professional and personal capacity
• Taking responsibility for one’s own conduct
• Responding to change and identifying the benefits of things that are seen as “new and different”
• Gain insight into one’s emotional self and how these emotions are often unconsciously used to either
benefit or hinder one’s growth professionally and personally
• Identifying and harnessing one’s strengths to build up self-efficacy, rapport, understanding,
resilience and assertiveness.
• Develop one’s abilities for reflective thought which will lead to a healthier and more defined work
ethic and encourage positive interactions with others.
• Gain confidence in the face of adversity, stress and change by recognising and thus utilizing one’s
internal set of coping skills.
• Develop a more positive mindset and healthier outlook

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Nikki Pears
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1 Day


R2 200 excl VAT per delegate with a reduced rate for 3 or more from the same organisation

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Refreshment including a light lunch