Interpersonal Skills

Course Category: Personal Development

Non-Credit Bearing
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This is the third course in a trilogy comprising Emotional Intelligence, Self-Mastery and Interpersonal Skills.


This participative and interactive course aims to provide you with strong, effective interpersonal skills for the purpose of improving relationships.  Building on the foundations of emotional intelligence, this course will provide you with the ability to handle difficult encounters with a more open mindset towards seeking solutions and maintaining professional and personal healthy relationships.  In addition, this course will help you to develop a more personable style giving you the ability to positively influence others.


  • Explore the persuasion cycle for getting through to people
  • Before you respond: learn to stop, think and reassess (think clearly)
  • Understand automatic defense mechanisms and how this harms communication
  • Empathy:  discuss this powerful tool for negotiation, conflict resolution, peer support and influence
  • Beyond yourself:  learn to suspend your perceptions, assumptions and expectations to understand others better and improve negotiation
  • The energy you create:  practice positive communication for the forming and preservation of healthy relationships
  • The art of listening:  unpick your listening pitfalls and learn the skill of active, focused listening (helping you to remember, negotiate, compromise and problem solve)
  • Be more interested than interesting:  explore questioning techniques to pull people towards you


  • Greater understanding of how your behaviour affects other people
  • Improved ability to manage yourself in the moment when encountering challenging people
  • Able to practice empathy to understand the real issues, identify the compromises and influence others positively
  • Improved communication, using a positive approach which fosters relationships
  • Stronger active listening skills to improve understanding for a more accurate assessment of underlying issues and concerns
  • Improved problem solving abilities through keeping an open and non-judgemental mindset
  • Stronger interpersonal skills leading to healthy and positive working and social relationships
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Nikki Pears
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In House In-House

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Course Duration: 

1 day


R2 200 excl VAT per delegate with a reduced rate for 3 or more from the same organisation

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Public Courses - Refreshments including a light lunch