New Harassment Act 2013 & How To Win At The CCMA

Ivan Israelstam Presents The Following Workshop:

The new Protection From Harassment Act (PFH Act) came into force in April 2013 and is soon to be followed by four more far reaching pieces of legislation bound to have a major effect on the workplace.

The new PFH Act protects employees and others from harassment on sexual and general grounds and substantially broadens the protections already existing in law.

This seminar unpacks the meaning and significance of this act and prepares you for Winning at the CCMA:

The new Protection From Harassment Act and its significance for the workplace

  • The law relating to discipline and dismissal
  • Pitfalls to avoid when going to the CCMA
  • Preparing for conciliation
  • Preparing for and presenting a convincing case at arbitration

About the presenter

Ivan Israelstam

- CEO of Labour Law Management Consulting. 

Ivan Israelstam has 15 years experience as a litigator at CCMA and 4 years as a CCMA Commissioner.
He writes numerous labour law columns and is the author of labour law books.
Ivan chairs the SA Chamber of Commerce’s Labour Relations committee and gives conference, seminar, radio and television talks.

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1 Day


R1995,00 (incl. VAT) per person Less 10% for 3 or more bookings (includes a manual, refreshments, lunch, parking & attendance certificate)