Emotional Intelligence

Our course approach delivers theoretical input, interspersed with experiential exercises, case studies and practical examples, and is conducted over 2 days.

The course material includes the following topics:

  • Principles and Concepts of Emotional Intelligence:
    • Understand what is meant by “emotional intelligence” or EQ;
    • Understand the concepts of self-confidence, self-awareness (including the Johari window), self-esteem and locus of control;
    • Demonstrate how your own EQ impacts on real-life situations.
  • Impact of Emotional Intelligence
  • Demonstrate how your own EQ impacts on your team members;
  • Demonstrate how your own EQ impacts on real-life situations;
  • Understand the positive and negative impact of emotional intelligence or the lack thereof;
    • Understand the impact of EQ on leadership.
  • Motivation
    • Know how to motivate your team
  • Behavioural Skills

Apply techniques for responding to situations in an emotionally intelligent manner;’

Demonstrate personal and interpersonal competencies when interacting with others, by:

  • Identifying others’ body language in order to manage emotions;
  • Behaving more assertively when dealing with others;
  • Being able to deal with aggressive and submissive communicators;
  • Reflecting emotional intelligence when giving and receiving feedback.
    • Cultivating and improving Emotional Intelligence
    • Understand your strengths and weaknesses;
    • Identify and work on development areas.
    • Stress Management

    Understand how to manage your emotions, in particular anger and stress.

Contact Details
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

252031 -Apply the principles and concepts of Emotional Intelligence to the management of self and others

NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

In House In-House

Course Duration: 

2 days


R 4 750.00 (Vat Inc.) Minimum 10 delegates, Venue/refreshments to be supplied by Client

Course fee Includes: 

Delegates will receive a manual, workbook, and copies of the presentation material

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