Driver Training : National Certificate in Professional Driving SAQA ID 50285

We offer Learnerships and full qualifications in professional driving comprising of 122 minimum credits. 

Your investment can be claimed under the BBBEE Skills Development Pillar and additional bonus points are granted if you employ learners at the end of the programme. 

This programme develops all-round skills in driving and entry-level logistics. Many learners have climbed the ladder to supervisory and management positions after completing the programme. 

A learnership implementation programme is developed in consultation with the client and can be aligned to business needs. The learnership includes all aspects of driver training and has a duration of 1 year combining training and workplace elements.  LTM solutions manage the programme from start to finish, making it very easy for you and achievable to run a successful driver learnership. 

Refer to the SAQA ID number 50285

The training is suitable for drivers who 

  • Convey General Freight 
  • Provide Courier Services
  • Convey Passengers 

The unit standards can be selected by the customer based on specific industry and operational requirements. Any of the following unit standards can be selected, bearing in mind all fundamental (F) and core (C) are compulsory and electives (E) are selected up to the number of credits required for the full National Certificate in Professional Driving.  

  • Operate a Rigid Light Vehicle - Licence Code C1 (U/s 123253, Level 4, 15 Credits) Elective
  • Operate a Rigid Light Vehicle  - Licence Code B (U/s 123257, Level 2, 10 Credits) Elective 
  • Operate a Vehicle Combination (Code EC) (U/s 123254, Level 4, 20 credits) Elective
  • Foster and Maintain Customer Relations (U/s 123258, Level 3, 10 credits) Core
  • Apply advanced techniques for operating 4-wheel driving (U/s 254154, Level 3, 8 credits) Elective
  • Apply techniques for operating 4-wheel drive vehicles on on-road and off-road conditions (U/s 254135, Level 3, 4 credits) Elective 
  • Apply basic business principles (U/s 8000, Level 3, 9 credits) Elective 
  • Coach a team member to improve individual performance (U/s 113909, Level 3, 5 credits) Elective 
  • Load General Freight (U/s 123262, Level 2, 6 credits) Elective 
  • Maintaining Occupational Health, Safety and General Housekeeping (U/s 8016, Level 3, 8 credits) Core
  • Managing Self Development (U/s7997, Level 4, 12 crment (U/s7997, Level 4, 12 credits) Elective
  • Operate in a team (U/s 8420, Level 2, 4 credits) Elective 
  • Perform basic fire fighting (U/s 12484, Level 2, 4 credits)
  • Plan road transport delivery (U/s 123261, Level 3, 8 credits) Core 
  • Provide commuter services (U/s 123256, Level 3, 10 credits) Elective
  • Provide long distance coach and bus services (U/s 123252, Level 3, 10 credits) Elective
  • Meet requirements for a provisional (learner's) licence (U/s 243665, Level 2, 15 credits) Elective
  • Apply knowledge of HIV/Aids to a specific business sector and workplace (U/s244574, Level 3, 4 credits) Elective 
  • Convey dangerous goods by road (U/s 123259, Level 3, 4 credits) Elective 
  • Operate a cab-controlled overhead crane (U/s 116231, Level 2, 8 credits) Elective
  • Operate a Pendant-controlled o/head crane (U/s 116235, Level 2, 5 credits) Elective
  • Operate a counter-balanced lift truck (U/s 242974, Level 3, 7 credits) Elective
  • Operate a advanced defined purpose lift trucks (U/s 116254, Level 3, 7 credits) Elective
  • Operate a mobile crane (U/s 116254, Level 2, 20 credits) Elective 

Please contact us for further information. 

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Sanet Swanepoel
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

Qualification ID 50285

NQF Level: 

Level 3



Course Delivery Method: 

Blended Blended

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

1 year full qualification


Negotiable Offered in Groups

Course fee Includes: 

Stationery, Learner Guides, Facilitation, Practical Driving Training, Assessments, Moderation, Certification, Facilitator travel and accommodation excluded, Programme project management.