ETDP Assessor Course

The Assessor course forms part of the National Certificate in Occupationally-Directed Education Training & Development Practice) OD-ETDP. SAQA ID 115753. The Assessor course is a 4-day programme "Conduct outcomes-based assessments" NQF Level 5, 15 NQF credits towards the full qualification. 

The Skills Development Act stipulates that only Seta registered assessors may assess learners against registered unit standards for the learner to be awarded the relevant NQF credits. 

To be registered as an assessor, subject matter experts must apply to their relevant Seta and submit their application to be registered as an assessor for the specific unit standards applied for. Attending of the ETDP accredited Asessor course is the first step in achieving the registration. After successful completion of the Assessor course, the aspiring assessor will apply for registration at his relevant Seta. (eg TETA)  

Learners completing this qualification will learn how to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of outcomes-based assessment 
  • Prepare for assessments 
  • Conduct assessments 
  • Provide feedback on assessments 

Please email your enquiries to [email protected]

We will do our best to offer assessor courses in all major cities when we have enough people to attend. Send your name and city where you live, via email to Pierre and he will contact you to give you further information about the course dates. 

Thank you  

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Pierre Swanepoel
Course Details

Unit Standard: 


NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

5 days


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Subject to needs of intervention