H & S : Fire Fighting Training

Construction Regulation 29: Fire precautions on construction sites. Environmental Regulation 9 : Fire precaution and means of egress:

  • Discuss and explain procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace 
  • Fires are contained an/or extinguished. Identify the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate fire fighting procedure. Types of fires include organic materials/fibre materials, flammable liquids and gases, live electrical equipment, combustible metal fires. Fire contexts include the nature of the area where the fire is, adjacent hazards, structural materials. Methods of transmission includes conduction, induction, radiation. Combustible hazards include combustible materials and temperatures, compressed containers, electrical equipment, structure and layout of site.
  • Identify, select and check appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment. Fire fighting equipment includes hoses, extinguishers and buckets. Safety equip     ment includes breathing apparatus, fire blankets, protective clothing for fire fights, heat shields. 
  • Fight containable/extinguishable fires.
  • Monitor and respond to changes in the fire.  Changes in the fire include changes in the wind direction, backdraft, ventilation, release of hazardous substances, ratiation, or as a result of incorrect application of fire fighting procedures.
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Sanet Swanepoel
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Level 2



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