Operator Training : Forklift Certification

Certificates of competence are issued in terms of OHSA 1993 Driven Machinery Regulation 18, sub-regulation 11 and NCOP Govt Gazette Regulation Gazette No 8158 Vol 476 Pretoria, dd 18 Feb 2005 No27292 and TETA Accreditation No 15-548 

Our forklift and crane operator training meets all legal requirements. 

Lift truck operator training is offered for:

  • Operate counter-balanced lift truck (Code 1-4)
  • Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks (Codes F5, F8, F9, F13, F16)

The training course covers 

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements
  • Pre-operating maintenance inspection 
  • Moving checks 
  • Operating standards and techniques
  • Safe operation 
  • Load charts and capacity plate
  • Safely operating loaded and unloaded 
  • Close down checks 
  • Shut down procedure 

Assessment of operator and certification is provided

Training is on-site using the equipment the operator is familiar with. 

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Sanet Swanepoel
Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 2
Level 3

Course Delivery Method: 

Blended Blended

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

Novice 3 days; Recertification 1 day


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Course fee Includes: 

Stationery, Learner Guides, Facilitation, Practical Driving Training, Assessments, Moderation, Certification, Facilitator travel and accommodation excluded, Programme project management.