Effective Business Writing Programme 2: Proposal Writing

Proposals are a way to persuade an audience through a clear, impactful argument. The best business proposals do this by leading their readers to believe in a problem’s solution through persuasive language, unambiguous facts, and an easy-to-follow structure.

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Our two-day Proposal Writing course is part of our focused business writing programme. Through it, you will develop the competencies to create accurate, convincing and persuasive business proposals that:

• Deliver a business proposition with clarity and brevity;

• Build relationships with your targeted reader;

• Sell what you want to sell!

Taking into account the varying styles and conventions that your organisation may have in place, we will teach you the best practices of planning and structuring a scintillating proposal. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

• Identify which types of business proposal to use and when;

• Clarify the proposal’s purpose and target market:

• Plan and structure your business proposals properly and more efficiently – saving time and improving the quality of your proposals;

• Implement best practices for a convincing introduction, summary and conclusion;

• Use vocabulary and tone in your proposal writing that is appropriate to its context and audience;

• Edit, proofread and finalise your proposal in an efficient way.

This programme is unit standard aligned: NQF Level 5, Credits 4.

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Derick Turner
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2 days


R 4 800,00

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Training material, venue, online assessments, facilitation