Leadership Side of Project Management

Developing the skills that fuel high performance

A project leader’s role stems from the multi-dimensional kaleidoscope of elements needed in formulating and facilitating effective project management needed to achieve project excellence and success. It is becoming more evident that success of a project cannot be attained with technical skills only. A need for excellent interpersonal or soft skills, which include human behaviour and interactions, are necessary conditions for success.

Communication skills are invaluable to project leaders who want to progress, because they are the very skills which help us build strong relationships and create a highly motivated team – factors that are crucial to success. A project leader who only masters the technical skills, such as planning, tracking, risk management and quality assurance, is not leveraging the human resources of the project. This can lead to conflict, a de-motivated team and poor deliverables. It is through skills such as communication, negotiation, enquiring, listening, self-management, leadership and motivation that we build dependable relationships that help us, not only to understand our clients’ true needs, but also to deliver these needs with a driven and motivated team.

Over three days, our Leadership Side of Project Management programme will cover the key skills required for successfully managing projects. It is highly interactive in style and aimed at providing delegates with practical skills and tips to deploy back in the work place on real projects. A self-aware project leader will have an understanding of their own strengths, weaknesses, needs and feelings and understand how these will affect others and job performance.

During the course you will learn about:
- The challenges facing project leaders;
- Managing and optimising the different roles in a project team;
- Empowering others and feeling empowered;
- How to have courageous conversations;
- Listening skills and how to show empathy;
- Managing change and minimising resistance to change;
- Decision making towards achieving win-win outcomes;
- Leading successfully throughout the project life cycle.

This course is essential for project management professionals, project leaders, and functional managers charged with leading a cross functional or project team. The course also provides delegates with the skills and leadership training for leading effective project teams.

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Derick Turner
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Blended Blended

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3 days


R6 790

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Course material, venue, online assessments, facilitation