Work Readiness - Empowering the Workforce Short Courses

Your organisation has invested in skills training at various levels yet your workforce is still not performing as one cohesive team…

Excellence in the classroom is not being echoed in the workplace. The root cause for lack of workplace integration is the vast difference in cultures, upbringings, belief systems and lifestyles of our diverse population.

This is a challenge shared by many local employers and Work Readiness is the workforce integration solution.

Workforce integration is achievable when skills are coupled with an understanding of business ethics, legal requirements and workplace soft skills.

Work Readiness is a workplace integration solution that consists of a set of dynamic workshops designed for working adults.

Aimed at both illiterate and literate learners, these exciting modules include more than 20 topics ranging from “Managing Personal Finances”, “Values and Ethics in the Workplace” to “Inappropriate Behaviour in the Workplace”.

Work Readiness equips the employee with business world knowledge, cultural awareness and the confidence necessary to enter the world of work in the 21st century and to operate as part of a bigger integrated workforce.

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