The Professional Call Centre Agent Programme

A productive, professional Call Centre is the heart of any operation and business. Call centre employees who know how to handle the great variety of situations that present themselves with skill and professionalism will be an asset to the organisation.

In today’s highly competitive business environment and strenuous economic circumstances where customers have a wide variety of choice, it is your level of customer service that can make the difference between success and failure. Tony Allessandro said “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game”.

Call centre training will allow the employee to enter their work area with confidence that they are equipped to provide exceptional customer service, answer questions, deal with difficult or angry customers and communicate effectively.

Who should attend?

  • Call Centre Managers
  • Call Centre Staff
  • Customer Service Employees
  • Any employee who interacts with clients

Course Outline:

The Importance of Customer Service to Sustained Business Success

  • What is excellent customer service
  • Customer service principles to deliver excellent customer service
  • Most important elements of service delivery according to customers
  • Common principles in delivering exceptional customer service
  • Do’s of customer service
  • Nothing is sweeter than your own name
  • Customer service staff key competencies

What Are the New Trends in Customer Care?

  • New trends in customer care
  • The 4 c’s of customer care
  • The Rater principle
  • Service standards
  • Positive customer relationships – 10 customer care tips

Telephone Etiquette

  • Telephone etiquette and powerful telephone tips
  • Answering calls
  • Making calls
  • Do’s of good telephone etiquette
  • Dont’s of good telephone etiquette
  • Zero tolerance examples
  • The top 25 positive words and phrases
  • How to deal with anger
  • How to calm down angry people

Building Relationships with Colleagues and Customers

  • How to deal with difficult situations in a confident, assertive manner
  • Ways people deal with conflict
  • Understanding and managing diversity
  • Change management
  • What is change

Effective Communication and Listening Skills

  • What is communication and what is effective communication
  • The communication process
  • Types of communication
  • Non-verbal behaviours for effective communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Keys to effective listening
  • Step for active listening and understanding
  • Feedback
  • How to have a difficult conversation
  • E-mail etiquette rules
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People®

RACI Model for Improved Communication and Teamwork

  • Ingredients of a great team
  • The RACI principle of delegation, role division and work sharing

How to Employ EQ to Be a Better Communicator

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Empathy versus sympathy (and versus pity)
  • Practical empathetic communication
  • EQ principles to developing strong “people skills”
  • The ability-based model
  • What to do with your emotions
  • Emotion coaching
Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Riaan de Klerk
Course Details

Course Delivery Method: 

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

2 days


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Course fee Includes: 

Fully Developed Manual, Experienced Facilitator, Framed Certificate of Attendance, Notepad & Pen