Employee Wellness in the Time of Coronavirus (E-Book)

Offices are sanitised, safety measures are implemented and social distancing and Zoom Meetings is now the new norm, but what about the emotional and mental wellbeing of your staff?

This E-Book has been specifically developed to provide individuals with coping techniques to successfully deal with uncertainty, stress, anxiety and potential loss to promote physical, mental and spiritual employee wellbeing during the COVID-19 period.

1. Dealing with Uncertainty in the Time of Coronavirus

2. Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in the Time of Coronavirus

3. Coping with Grief and Loss in the Time of Coronavirus

Now also available on our Cost and Time Effective E and M-Learning Platform, MPowrMe. Visit the website, www.mpowrme.co.za or download the mobile application on Google Play to register.

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Nadia Martins
Contact: NDJ Consultants
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