Lead like an Elephant

A wise elephant leader has strong leadership qualities in addition to the social and cognitive qualities of elephants in general. Elephant leaders are confident, well-connected and earned the respect of others based on their wisdom, charisma, and track record of wise decision making in times of crisis.

Elephant leaders are compassionate towards and deeply care for the members of their extended family. They show courage in crisis and wisdom in difficult situations, and work extremely hard to maintain the bonds of their social network.

Elephants are a perfect case study from nature in leadership excellence. 

This power-packed session focuses on the leadership characteristics portrayed by elephants to help managers, supervisors and team leaders master core leadership concepts and build key skills to increase their leadership effectiveness.

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Nadia de Bruin
Contact: NDJ Consultants
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Presented Presented Courses

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One day


R 3 000,00 (Excl VAT)

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Guides, venue hire, lunch and refreshments