Customer Experience Management (Level 4)

Workshop Outcome:

Customers today are more knowledgeable and more demanding than ever, only extraordinary service gets noticed and remembered.  The key for customer service is to focus on areas that really matter to the customer and re-inforce the overall customer engagement strategy. The aim of this learning programme is to equip contact centre Team leaders with tools to manage the customer experience, and includes:

  • Identifying prospective customers and establishing their needs;
  • Establishing and building customer base;
  • Monitoring inbound and outbound calls; and
  • Co-ordinate and streamlining queries and contact centre activities

Contact Centre management is a critical skill, good leaders results in high performance teams achieving extraordinary customer experiences.


Target Audience:


Any individual who wish to be involved in the Contact Centre industry or who is currently in the contact centre industry and want to progress in their chosen career path


Learning Outcomes:


By the end of this learning programme learners should be able to:

  • Identifying prospective customers and established their needs.
  • Establishing and building the customer base. 
  • Monitoring calls into and out of a Contact Centre.
  • Collating types of queries, questions and comments received. 

Streamlining activities of Contact Centre activities. 


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Danielle Lincoln
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R4, 500

Course fee Includes: 

Training, Learning material and resources, lunch and refreshments Assessment, Moderation and external verification