Organising as a Management function

Workshop Outcome:

This learning programme will enable learners to demonstrate understand and skill in the management function of organising by resources to achieve plans and outcomes set.

Target Audience:

This learning programme is intended for junior managers of small organisations, junior managers of business units in medium and large organisations, or those aspiring to these positions. Junior managers include team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this learning programme the learner should be able to:

  • Create, implement and maintain a personal and team task list.
  • Use and maintain a diary.
  • Prioritise personal and team tasks.
  • Implement and maintain a task list.
  • Preparing for a meeting.
  • Conducting a meeting.
  • Dealing with differing views in a meeting.
  • Disturbing records of a meeting.
  • Prepare to receive a member into a team.
  • Introduce the new member of the team.
  • Explain how the performance of a team is monitored.
  • Create awareness of career opportunities in an organisation.
  • Use textual features and conventions specific to business texts for effective writing.
  • Identify and collect information needed to write a text specific to a particular function.
  • Compose a text using plain language for a specific function.
  • Organise and structure a text appropriately for a business function. 

Present a written text for a particular function in a business environment

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Danielle Lincoln
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

242816; 242812; 242811; 9015;9016; 12153

NQF Level: 

Level 4



Course Delivery Method: 

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

Course Duration: 

4 days


R4,200 per person ex vat