Management Development

The most successful organisations have excellent leaders. These leaders should be constantly aware of developing not only their own competencies, but also the knowledge and the skills of those around them and under their care.

Managers need to set the tone by having a better understanding of what their management role entails, as well as constantly striving to inspire and motivate their teams as they develop their leadership skills.

This practical, interactive and dynamic three day course is comprised of three modules:

The Emotional Leadership module encourages managers to balance their IQs with their EQs, by taking ownership of their own emotions, attitudes and actions to develop pro-active behaviour patterns. Managers who are able to recognise their personal strengths and weaknesses, become more assertive leaders, better able to make decisive decisions and invite honest, constructive feedback.

Managers who are Leaders are able to motivate their staff whilst honing their skills for management proficiency. They get the B.E.S.T. out of their teams through effective planning, goal setting, praise and constructive feedback on how tasks have been carried out. Successful delegation, as well as the smart management of conflict through the implementation of problem solving strategies empowers leaders and the led.

The development of Two-way Communication Skills are vital to managers who need to ensure they speak language that others understand, and at times rather listen than speak! Learning to read and speak body language is vital as one practices active listening and mirroring techniques. Managers need to consciously practice the art of empathy in order to understand the perspectives and viewpoints of their staff.

This will go a long way towards knowing how to get the best out of the group of individuals who make up their teams, and ensuring that tasks are completed properly and timeously through improved two-way communication.

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Ann Clarke
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Level 4



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In Class In Class

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3 days


R10000.00 Excluding VAT

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inclusive of comprehensive course material, certificates, lunch and refreshments, report back and post-course telephonic and e-mail support, but exclusive of VAT