Stress Management

Did you bounce out of bed this morning…or did you d r a g yourself out after your alarm refused to SNOOZE anymore?
Do you dread going to work because you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or unable to concentrate? Perhaps you can’t decide which is more painful; your headache, your anger towards your colleagues, or your anxiety about month end!

Stress is the term we use to explain our emotional reactions and physical responses to threatening events. Being able to identify what stresses us and why, helps us to recognise both the primary and secondary emotions, so that we manage the right one! We can also learn to control our physical response to stress by changing our perceptions of it.

This programme offers a unique opportunity to delve into your personal stress strategies. It focuses on both body and mind, enabling you to make significant and lasting changes in your approach to life. It thereby facilitates you to deal more effectively with stress, both in your workplace and in your daily life.

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Ann Clarke
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On Demand On Demand

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1 day



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inclusive of comprehensive course material, certificates, lunch and refreshments, report back and post-course telephonic and e-mail support, but exclusive of VAT

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