Business Development Workshop


EFFORTS and COURAGE are not enough without PURPOSE and DIRECTION

Business Development has become a mission critical skill for all businesses today. If you are not implementing the skill at every level of the business you are playing on an unlevel playing field. It can be guaranteed that your are doing it, it is internationally accepted that businesses that don’t implement Business Development strategies do so at their own risk.

Business development is about creating long term value for the business from customers, industries and relationships. Within the Business Development space you would often have heard the term Rainmaker being bantered around, many people believe they are not natural rainmakers and therefore shy away from the responsibilities. Let me assure you that Rainmakers are not born they are trained!


This Workshop is designed for anyone within the organisation or channel who interacts with prospects and/or customers or who supports the sales function should also attend. The value of the workshop is that is creates a uniform company business development process around business growth and prospecting efforts. Everyone in the organisation would have the same vocabulary and understanding of the business development objectives, sales strategies and growth prospects of the organisation.


• What is Business Development and how is it different to Marketing
o What is you understanding of business development
o How are these skills different from Marketing

• How to assess current conditions for the Organisation
o Tools to evaluate the current state of the organisation
o Understanding how to conduct client analysis

• Compiling a GAP Analysis
o Understanding how to do relevant research in order to understand the current environment that the organisation finds itself in.
o Identifying the opportunities that exist internally and externally to allow the organisation to grow and meet business objectives.

• Organic vs acquisition strategies
o Learning how to grow your current client base
o Strategies to follow in order to get more revenue from your existing clients
o Understanding the process of bringing in a new client
o Strategies to implement in order to identify prospects.
o Implementing strategies to covert prospects into paying clients.

• Client retention strategies
o Cultivating a client centric culture within the organisation
o Committing to minimum service levels as an organisation
o Implementing strategies to ensure client are engaged

• Client Relationship Development
o What is Client Relationship Management?
o Practical ways of implementing at CRM

• Individual profile development
o Defining your personal brand
o Tools to implement in order to raise your personal profile
o The importance of networking

• Leveraging social media for business development efforts
o The evolution of Social Media
o Social media as a business imperative
o Which platforms to use for promoting your organisation

• Importance of content development and PR activities
o Content is King
o Engaging journalists and building relationships

• Stumbling blocks to Business Development
o Internal
o External

• Support initiatives from the Marketing Department
o How can Marketing support your efforts
o Acquiring intelligence and channelled findings into the organisation
o Soft touches.

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Rachel Johnson
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1 Day