Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) Boot Camp

The Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) certification, offered in association with the George Washington University College of Professional Studies, is a comprehensive program on leading a balanced scorecard planning and management system implementation. This Application course offers certified Balanced Scorecard Professionals a way to “upgrade” their work to full BSMP certification.

The program is ideal for participants charged with building, implementing, managing, and sustaining balanced scorecard planning and management systems. It was developed for members of internal balanced scorecard teams who want to learn how to build, deploy, and sustain scorecard systems, and for anyone who wants to incorporate lessons learned and best practices into the development of a strategic management system.

Completion of the Balanced Scorecard Professional certification is required before registration for the Master Professional course will be approved. It is recommended that participants wait a few months after completing the BSP certification before taking the BSMP Application course.

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